Willamette Star

Capacity: 144 | Plated Seating Capacity: 102
The Willamette Star is a 93-foot, custom-built yacht with a complete onboard galley, full service bar, two climate-controlled decks and a ship-wide sound system. With plated seating for up to 102 guests and a capacity of 144 passengers, the Willamette Star is a unique venue for all types of special events, including public cruises, private parties and corporate functions.

The Willamette Star was built in La Crosse, Wisconsin, shipped by truck and then fully assembled in Boardman, Oregon on January 24, 1996. The ship sailed from Boardman to Riverplace Marina in February of 1996 and set sail on its maiden voyage on March 20, 1996.

In February of 2003, the Willamette Star was fully remodeled. The ship was cut in half and an 18-foot section was added to the middle, lengthening the boat from 75 to 93 feet and increasing the seating capacity from 65 to 100 people. A permanent buss station, buffet, walk-in cooler and Columbia Deck head were added, along with other upgrades. In 2023, the vessel was once again updated with new carpet and chairs.

Length: 93 feet
Beam: 20 feet
Draft: 5.5 feet
Gross weight: 174 tons
Cruising Speed: 8 knots
Width of Port Boarding Door: 29.25″
Dimensions of Starlight Deck: 19′ x 30′
Engines: Two (2) 3116 Turbo-charged Caterpillar, Diesel
Ceiling Height: 6’8″ Willamette Deck | 6’6″ Columbia Deck