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The Willamette Star 2003 Remodel

The Willamette Star underwent a substantial interior and exterior remodel, of which the most exciting aspect is the addition of 18 feet to the middle of the vessel. This page will link you to archives of photographs taken at various stages of the remodel.

The remodel began the first week in January with a complete unloading of all equipment. The remodel was completed on schedule in March 2003. The images below are the before and after pictures of the Willamette Star.

Image Sets:
The finished product
This is how the vessel looks currently, after adding the 18' section.

January 4 - 11 images in set
These pictures were taken at Caruthers Landing, after the vessel was off-loaded, prior to departure for the ship yards. The other vessels in this set are the Crystal Dolphin and our water taxi.

January 13 - 35 images in set
This set shows the dry dock facility at Diversified Marine and includes the first shots of the boat out of the water.

January 15 - 15 images in set
More shots of the boat getting prepped for cutting.

January 17 - 21 images in set
The back wall of the top deck has been removed in preparation for cutting. A couple detail shots of the props and rudders and the support structure for the vessel.

January 20 - 10 images in set
A large tarp is moved into place to protect from the rain, though the last few days have been quite nice.

January 21 - 10 images in set
And for the next trick, she was sawed in half and put back together again.

January 22 - 40 images in set
Lots of pictures here. This is where you get to see the boat pulled in half. Plenty of rain today. Good thing for that tarp.

January 23 - 16 images in set
A few more sunny shots of a large vessel now in two pieces. There is a good view of one of the insert pieces.

January 24 - 29 images in set
Several new perspectives in this batch.

January 30 - 34 images in set
In this set you can see the generator being craned onto the vessel as well as some vertigo-inducing side-section shots.

January 31 - 15 images in set
These shots are of the Portland Spirit, not the Willamette Star. The Portland Spirit was undergoing an extensive galley remodel and general vessel maintenance.
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