Absolutely loved it. Loves the way we run the company and the cruises, they do not have expensive pricing for our tours. - Jack

Wonderful experience; very relaxing and informative. - Tim

We had guests from out of town. They had a wonderful special time. Narration on deck during the trip is very good. - Paris

This is our third time cruising and we love it. - Virgina

Thank for a great first experience; we will do it again. - Brian

We had a great time, I have lived in Portland over ten years and never cruised. My mom was in town and we wanted something fun and relaxing. Everyone did a great job. - Shawn

Good Service romantic atmosphere. - Tay

Extremely pleased with the staff and impressed at how informative the cruise was. - Brenton

Great experience! Anne is a beautiful singer and made our anniversary very special. - Debbie

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