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Random selection of customer comments

This made my future wife and my engagement night very very special and unforgettable. - Kyle, Portland

Absolutely loved it. Loves the way we run the company and loves that we do not have expensive pricing for our tours. Absolutely loves the cruises. - Jack

We had a phenomenal time. The food was delicious. We would love to come again. - Andrew

Everyone helped to make my wife's birthday special. - Harry

This was our first Astoria cruise, thank you so much for making the cruise so awesome. - Susan

I am interested in having a renewal of vows (wedding) on one of your ships. - Sarah

You helped make my birthday the best ever, thank you. - Logan

It was awesome! Between the amazing food and great views the cruise experience in a whole was awesome. Love that you can up top. - Seth

My wife had the most fabulous time. - Don

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