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Excellent desserts, very popular with each of our dinner guests. We chose the Portland Spirit to be able to show off our city to out of town guests; mission accomplished. - Ted

Very nice to be able to go up to hear the Captain narration about the river; made the experience that much better. - Bart

Great Time. Was a personal stressful day and took the cruise on a whim. Took lots of pictures and is putting them into a magaine and will send us a copy when it is done! - Ginger

I was in a wheelchair and had a great time. - Ron

The best cruise I have been on; plenty of food, piano, points of interest. - Bill

Our cruise was perfect for our aging out of town guests and our daughter. Love steering the boat. - Buddie

The servers are the best part of the cruise. - Thomas

You all are awesome, best night of my life. - Shawn

Food was wonderful(especially the beef medallions). It was such a relaxing cruise, entertainment was great - loved the table side magic. Waitress were great. You served good coffee and kept my cup full which is important to me. We have raved about it to our friends and family. - Edie

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